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  Mystery Shopping
  posing as normal customers perform specific   tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking   questions, registering complaints or behaving in a   certain way – and then provide detailed reports or   feedback about their experiences.
Article Writing
Writing articles for websites and products marketing or other free lancer stuff.
  Internet Marketing
  is the marketing of products or services   over the Internet,Internet marketing ties   together creative and technical aspects   of the Internet, including design,   development, advertising, and sales
  Support and Customer Service
  also known as "Client Service" or Customer   Care",is the provision of service to customers   before, during and after a purchase.,its a series   of activities designed to enhance the level of   customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a   product or service has met the customer   expectation
  Search engine optimization (SEO)
  is the process of improving the volume and   quality of traffic to a web site from search   engines via "natural" ("organic" or   "algorithmic") search results.
  Search engine marketing (SEM)
  is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote   websites by increasing their visibility in search engine   result pages (SERPs),its practice of buying paid   search listings.
  Forum Posting
  join the online discussion site. It is   the modern equivalent of a   traditional bulletin board, and a   technological evolution of the   dialup bulletin board system.   From a technological standpoint,   forums or boards are web   applications managing   user-  generated content.
  Graphics Design
  this job includeworking magazines, advertisements,       product packaging and web design. For example, a   product package might include a logo or other   artwork, organized text and pure design elements such   as shapes and color which unify the piece.
  Link Building
  The process ofmaking direct or   indirect links to a specific web   page to icrease its traffic and   popularity..
  Script Installation
  Install scripts for website owners for a given amount of   money.
  Blog posting
  Setting comments on forum and websites and   involve in leaving back link to specific pages   as an trce for thtat site.